Living Legends Community Art Project First Nations Carving Workshop Cowichan

Our lead carver Edgar Rice & Herb Rice share techniques of Coast Salish native carving. Guest story teller Richard Wagamese from the Ojibway Nation. Story telling nights will be hosted by Cowichan story teller and drummer, John George. Each evening will also feature a guest story teller or two. Feb 8th: guest story teller Penelakut Elder Joey Caro, Simeyltun author of Cowichan Bones joined by Florence James. Feb 15th: guest story teller and carver Herb Rice, on carving and masks. Feb 22: guest story teller Cowichan story teller and dancer Rob George, guest story teller and medicine woman Della Rice

The visual piece, the carvings of The Wild Woman -Tth'uw'xe'luts, and Kwukmitsiin, along with the carvings from the community, were unveiled at the Cowichan Aboriginal Festival of Film & Art

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3